Fraud Prevention

Credit & Debit Card Fraud

Card fraud is a term used to describe the theft of information and funds by an unauthorized person or persons. Understanding fraud is one of the best prevention methods that you, as a member, can do to protect yourself. As our member you have a zero dollar fraud liability, and that means you are never at fault for this. Your money will be returned to you in full, and we will issue you a brand new card once it has been determined that the card has been compromised. The moment you spot a transaction that was not made by you, give us a call so we can discuss the next steps.

Fraud Monitoring Service

Our fraud monitoring service is working around the clock to keep you protected. If you receive a call that claims to be on behalf of us from 1-800-327-8622, feel free to discuss your transactions with them. We will NEVER ask you for any personal or card information over the phone. In turn you should NEVER give out any personal or card related information over the phone. Once you call in you will be asked to confirm the number that you are calling from, and the LAST 4 DIGITS of you card number, nothing more.

Reporting Fraud

If you believe that your card has been compromised, take the appropriate steps and call the corresponding number below to block your card. Call us at 724-588-6119 to discuss your transactions and report possible fraud. For after hours and holidays use the numbers below to report fraud:

MasterCard Lost/Stolen After-Hours 1-800-523-4175

MasterCard Fraud Monitoring 1-800-327-8622

VISA Lost/Stolen After Hours 1-800-991-4461

VISA Transaction Disputes 1-800-600-5249

Phishing & Scams

Phishing is a type of scam that tries to get you to give up your personal information most commonly through email or text message. These are normally messages that appear to come from secure and credible accounts. However, there is often an element of urgency and needing your personal information included. Some of these types of emails unfortunately, are enabled by clicking on links contained within the email. The best way to protect yourself from a phishing scam is to never click on suspicious links, and never give personal information to anyone over email, text, or phone.

We at the Bessemer System Federal Credit Union will never email you asking for personal information, account numbers, SSN, passwords, or card numbers. Please remember that your account information is for you and your joint holder only, and sharing of that information is prohibited and puts you at risk. If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of an email that appears to be from us please give us a call at 724-588-6119.

Non-Fraudulent Transactions

Fraud only encompasses illegal/stolen cards and transactions. Being double charged for a service or good is not considered fraud. However, if you feel that you were double charged you can dispute the charge by calling 1-800-600-5249 for VISA credit cards and our office at 724-588-6119 for MasterCard debit cards. Lending your card to family and friends is also strictly prohibited, and if they make a charge on your account without your knowledge that is also not considered fraud. Forgotten re-occurring monthly payments processed to your card are also not fraudulent charges since they were at one point authorized by you.