Love Our Community

We are excited to be highlighting different community events on our new website. We are starting with Strayhaven Animal Shelter.  They are doing amazing things to get animals adopted and put in touch with the right family. Read about their story and how they started below.  

Happy Dog in the grass


OUR HISTORY - In the early fifties, there was no Strayhaven Animal Shelter. There was only a group of caring people, who rescued strays, keeping them in their homes until these pitiful dogs and cats were found loving homes. In 1960, this dedicated group decided it was impractical and impossible to keep all the animals in their homes, and Strayhaven Animal Shelter was built and incorporated.

A retired gentleman by the name of Perry Dehart, donated the land and his time to build the shelter. With help from concerned citizens and some government loans, the shelter was completed. From the beginning, the shelter was, and still is, privately run. It is the only for stray dogs and cats, to shelter, inoculate, de-worm, and find good homes. Strayhaven is unique in that it keeps its strays longer than most shelters.

At one time, board member Mary Jane Zahniser undertook payment to spay and neuter all dogs and cats. After her death in 1983, the responsibility had to go to the new owners because the shelter could not meet the expense. However, we are glad to announce that starting in 1996, the shelter is proud of the "ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION" low cost spay and neutering of all dogs and cats. Participating veterinarians offer a discount to each dog and cat that has been adopted from the shelter, to be spayed or neutered. Strayhaven is run by paid employees, led by an active volunteer board.

The board is organized to manage, direct, and control all aspects of the shelter. Support comes from Hempfield, West Salem and Sugar Grove townships in the Greenville Borough. Also, we raise money throughout the year in a variety of different fund raisers. However, we are primarily dependent on the generosity of the community giving for the continued successful operation of the shelter.